Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are strictly seeing patients by appointment through Telemedicine.

Below we have included an Informed Consent form for Telemedicine services during the COVID-19 pandemic. You have the option to download this pdf to fill it out electronically and email it back to us. You may also print and fill out this form physically and mail or fax it to us. If you are using Telemedicine for an appointment with your provider, please use one of these methods to get this to us as soon as possible. Thank you!

Click here for the Form: Informed Consent Form for Telemedicine Servicies

Below, we have the providers who are currently using video telemedicine to see patients for their appointments. If you are scheduled with one of these providers for a telemedicine appointment, you may click on their link below their picture. This will take you to their waiting room where you will sign in by typing in your full name. Your provider will see you in the waiting room and begin the session when ready.


Cary CW Jasper, ARNP

Cary CW Jasper’s Telemedicine link :

Jennifer Brown, ARNP

Jennifer Brown’s Telemedicine Link:

Terry Wilson, PA-C

Terry Wilson’s Telemedicine Link:

Jason Shepherd, PA-C

Jason Shepherd’s Telemedicine Link:


Our other providers are currently in the process of setting up video telemedicine as well. For the meantime,they are still available for appointments by phone call.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation through these times of change.